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Smart grooming coat sheen




Coat Sheen

Coat Sheen enhances the natural shine of the coat without leaving any residue.  Can be used for all coat types, whenever necessary.  This is an outstanding product that can be used all year round and good to use on the coat prior to clipping making it easy for blades to glide through and give a great finish.

We suggest spraying on Coat Sheen and then buffing with a soft fleece mitt for maximum results. The finish this gives it ultra shiny, totally dry and no oily residue. This is a non oil-based product.

Our high shine products enhance a naturally healthy coat without giving artificial shine and residue that can come from oil-based products. Our sprays and lotions include essential extracts and synthetic ingredients to ensure slide and shine, making them perfect for giving you a high shine finish. Once on the coat, they are dry to the touch.

500ml trigger spray.  Coat Sheen is a winning coat gloss formula for a superb all over shine. FEI & SSADL compliant.

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