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Standard Fly Rug - Fly Repellent Cover For Upto 30 Days




Why Do You Need to Wash Your Horse Rug Regularly?

Horse rugs are manufactured to stand the test of time, but regular care is still essential. It’s important to wash and look after your horse rug to avoid it becoming tatty and riddled with holes, otherwise you may find yourself needing a replacement much sooner than you thought.

Why Get Your Rug Washing Done By a Professional?

It’s possible to do you rug washing yourself, but getting a professional rug cleaning service on a regular basis is definitely recommended.

By seeking the help of an expert, you can be sure that your horse rug will stay clean and hole-free, allowing it to serve it's full purpose.

Here at Mini Mates, we understand just how important it is to keep your horse warm and comfortable during the long winter months.

Our professional rug cleaning appliance will deep clean and condition your horse rug to ensure it remains comfortable and effective.


Days Turnaround: 14