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Groom Away Citronella Body Wash




What makes Groom Away Citronella Body Wash outstanding is the blend of rare organic citronella and essential oils.  By using a mix of versatile and effective natural remedies, successfully used for thousands of years, Groom Away Citronella Body Wash offers a first class product which purifies, cleanses & deodorises. By using Citronella Body Wash your horse will benefit from analgesic, antimicrobial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, deodorising, fungicidal, insecticidal properties; all of which offer many medicinal advantages. As a natural herbal remedy there is no damage to your horse or the environment and no build-up of harmful toxins.

Within the blend there is a high concentration of Vitamin A & Citral which works with your horses immune system to stimulate blood circulation, encourages an overall toning effect on the body whilst balancing, moisturising and nourishing skin to give a fresh rejuvenating feeling and restore the natural properties in your horses coat. Enriched with aromatic proteins, Citronella Body Wash also offers an unprecedented natural protection against biting and stinging insects.

 Fortified with rare organic Citronella & Blended essential oils
Naturally deodorising, enriched with aromatic proteins for a non-greasy formula
Reduces microbial, bacterial infections contains antiseptic
Offers a Clean, Purified & Refined wash with balancing and nourishing properties
Enriched with aromatic proteins
Gentle enough to use everyday, completely biodegradable
Unprecedented natural protection against biting & stinging insects

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Size: 400ml