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Fly Away Max Strength - Fly repellent




Fly Away Max strength Fly repellent Spray This fly repellent is the strongest ever NATURAL formula. Ensuring your horse is protected from all biting insect pests. This fly repellent  None staining, invisible formula can be applied to all exposed areas of the coat, improving condition and shine. Safe and kind to your horse and enviroment. HSE approved as effective as chemical alternative, NO DEET included.    
Available in 1lt and 500ml Spray, Roll On & Hand wet wipes 

Keep your horse fly free and comfortable this year at home and at a competition,This fly repellent contains natural citronella oil. Natural herbal formula – kind and safe to your horse and the environment though as effective as chemical alternative – Able to use on rugs to repel flies in the field, keeping your horse calm and relaxed all day to help build up resistance from flies wherever you are.

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Size: 500ml