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Fly Away Citronella Free - Midge away 400ml



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Fly Away Citronella Free Midge Away. 400ml cream Super strength NATURAL herbal formula. Suitable for horses that are sensitive to citronella.Repels ALL midges, biting insects and flies. Does not stain and can be applied to all areas of coat, manes, tails, rump, and belly where midges may bite.  Effective even against the "infamous Scottish midge" Early use is vital to stop midges from biting. From April to October, biting midges can plague horses making their summer lives a misery. Some horses are very sensitive to the saliva left by the midge bite and this can result in intense rubbing, causing hair loss and skin soreness. Improves coat condition and shine.
Super strength, lasts longer, gives better protection to your horse – from the specialists in midge repelling. Formulated for the minority of horses sensitive to citronella  HSE approved for the safety though as effective as chemical alternatives.  The earlier and more layers applied the more effective it is.  Replace misery with comfort for your horse this summer and keep those manes and tails intact for the show season ahead.   Also extremely effective in keeping flies away and out of the ears when applied to edges to help reduce shaking of the head.  Helps reduce the need for flight in the field and keeps the horse more comfortable and relaxed every day at home as well as at competitions.