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Yumove horse Active joint patch





Is a topical patch used to help ease joint stiffness and support mobility in horses, providing owners with a simple, safe and rapid approach to management of daily knocks, strains and joint stiffness that occur in competition horses and leisure horses. EASES STIFFNESS ActivEase™Green Lipped Mussel oil provides a unique concentrated source of Omega 3 fatty acids to aid the horse’s own natural anti-inflammatory process following rigorous training to ease stiffness.
LUBRICATES JOINTS Hyaluronic acid helps to facilitate ingredient absorption across the skin, into the joint, aiding joint tissue structure and function.
COOLS AND SOOTHES L-Menthol provides a soothing and cooling effect.
MAINTAINS JOINT HEALTH Fast acting – providing a noticeable difference within 24 hours, while the patch ingredients continue working for up to 72 hours after patch removal



  • Gets to work in 30 minutes! *Meets FEI and BHA requirements for banned substances

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