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Groom Away Tick Away

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Groom away Tick away 500ml spray.

A ready to use repellent to deter ticks from attaching themselves to larger animals, preventing Tick bites is the best way to prevent tick borne diseases.  Tick Away can be sprayed directly onto ticks, to release them naturally and painlessly from the animal, once attached. The removal of a tick can be very painful to the animal and can result in the mouthpiece being left behind under the skin and cause infection to set in. Tick Control can be sprayed directly onto a tick to help release it naturally and painlessly. Added anti fungal agents help in prevention of fungal related infections. Fully HSE Approved & suitable for organic farming.

Deters ticks from attaching themselves
Spray directly on to ticks
Use on larger animals including Horses, Cattle, Deer, Sheep, Goats & large Dogs.
Suitable for organic farming system


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