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Fly Free Zone 500ML

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Fly Free Zone forms part of the Fly Away Bio-Security range. Approved by DEFRA to help reduce the spread of infectious diseases transmitted by flies and midges.

A fast knockdown insecticide with residue activity for the control of flies, midges, wasps, ticks, lice, fleas and other flying and biting pests.  Controls the irritating flies and midges in your stable, creating a relaxing environment for your horse. For use in kennels, pet shops, veterinary practices, animal and avian housing and to the outer and surround of pet hutches and cages. Ready for use both indoors and outdoors.  Fly Free Zone provides 30 days active protection, then re apply to maintain the killing effect.

Kill insects in and around your stable and horse-box to keep your horse fly free in an instant, comfortable and calm. HSE and DEFRA approved. Also suitable for spraying onto rugs and flysheets, leaving a residue that kills the insect on contact (not for use directly onto the horse). Also suitable for use in the home (not on food preparation surfaces).

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