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Crafty Ponies foals





Crafty Ponies and their foals are gorgeous soft toy ponies and are also educational.

Crafty Ponies manes and tails are made from cotton so that they are non slip and children can plait them. The tail is sewn onto a dock so that children can practice plaiting tails. Instructions for plaiting manes and tails are at the back of the passport booklet that comes with the pony.

Remember to pick up a bag of plaiting bands from your local retailer!

All Crafty Ponies soft toy ponies, their equipment and accessories are made as realistic as possible to teach children how it all looks, works and fits.

Imaginative role play is a valuable benefit of Crafty Ponies. Crafty Ponies are made from luxuriously soft fur fabric which makes them irresistibly cuddly.

Content:Each Crafty Pony stuffed horse comes with its own passport booklet full of useful information to teach children how to take care of their pony!

Crafty Ponies Foals have arrived to the stable yard! 

These cute, plush foals are the perfect addition to your Crafty Pony collection, keep your eyes peeled as accessories will be arriving very soon!  

Please note - General Crafty Ponies accessories do not fit the Crafty Ponies foal. Only foal accessories will fit onto the foal.

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Colour: Palomino