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Crafty Ponies Foal rug set




The Crafty Ponies foal rug set is a cute collection of foal accessories. The set includes a rug, foal slip, lead rop and the illustrated instruction booklets to help the children learn how to use the items. Please note, these accessories fit the foals, not the big ponies. 

This little foal set comes in 6 colours 

Red , pink, blue,  purple  and baby pink with stars,  baby blue with stars.

This foal set will help your crafty Pony Foal look smart. Crafty Ponies foal slip is beautifully made with a working buckle and a ring to clip a lead rope to*.

You will have hours of fun training your foal to accept a foal slip and rug, one of the first lessons your foal will learn.

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Colour: Red